Laura and David (Charlotte Engagment Pictures McGill Rose Garden)

….4 years in the making

Today marks the start of what promises to be a weekend filled with love, laughter…and one of the most gorgeous wedding dresses I have seen to date.

See you soon Laura and Dave!   ..the soon-to-be “BRODEsky’s”



Raffaldini Vineyard Wedding: Cassandra and Brian Wed! (Charlotte Wedding Photographer/Cass Bradley)

This wedding.  Perfection from start to finish.  Intimate. Elegant. Outdoor.  Full of emotion.

Cassandra and Brian wed at the stunning Raffaldini Vineyards surrounded by their closest friends and family.  The ceremony (which included a ‘Unity box’ ceremony in which the couple sealed letters to be read in future years inside a box alongside wine to toast the years to come..) and overlooked acres of vines.

One of my absolute favorite moments of the day came just before Cass walked down the aisle with her father.  –Complete silence fell upon the ceremony site, a soft breeze rustled though the trees and the song ‘Down to the River and Pray’ by Allison Krouse was played in its entirety.  It was truly goose-bump inducing.

Cass Glided radiantly down the aisle with her father remaining stoically-faced until he placed her hand into Brian’s.

Their vows were filled with both laughter and tears…  And, the sun set over the vineyards They ate, drank and were definitely merry under a beautiful clear tent exposing the night sky as their only ceiling.

Cass and Bri–it has been a distinct honor to get to know you and your family this past year.  You two embody everything we love in our clients.  Vibrant, life-loving and fearless.

Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your day.


Amazing Wedding Pro Team that helped Cass and Bri create their magical day:


Wedding Site/Reception:  Raffaldini Vineyard

Wedding Planner: Zan Oliver

Photographers: BlueSky Studios

Floral Design: Philosophy Flowers

Catering: Queen City Catering

Tent and Rentals: Party Reflections

Hair and Makeup: Mother of the Bride/Debbie Eaker

Wedding Gown: Bridals by Lori

Videography: Carolina Video Productions

(amazing) Cake: Christina’s Dessertery

Music: ZBrothers DJ’s



** if you would like to hear he amazing song mentioned is the link: ‘Down to the River and Pray’

“You’re being a little ridiculous.” (why everyone needs a friend like this)



”You’re being a little ridiculous.”


My head tilted slightly right. My eyes narrowed. And for a moment I was silent. (A rare occurrence, I know.)

My cheeks flushed and I felt the heat of approaching ‘annoyance’ rising to the surface.





“You know…you are right.” I replied sheepishly. “I am.”


I can’t even recall the subject. Perhaps I was thinking of quitting a job…quitting a boyfriend…spending a ton a money…being angry that so-and-so did such-and-such…

It matters not.


She assessed the situation and instead of flowing with the current as many ‘friends’ will do…she, taking in all of my history, taking in all of the scenario, pushed against it and genuinely weighed in.   She refused to let me believe my own nonsense. Instead, she forced me to take a step back and assess that maybe, just maybe: I was wrong.

….and being ridiculous.


And, This. To me–is the ultimate of friendships.


She could have simply replied:

‘Yes—he is such an ass.’


‘Yes—you should spend that money”

or a million other obliging ‘you go girl’ kind of mantras.


Instead, she took the more challenging route—to weigh in. To give opinion. To force me to stand up to me and truly see the situation without the self-focused blinders.


-And I adored her for it.


In life we will find many a ‘friend’ to sip coffee or cocktails. To celebrate. To cheer. To take our side.  However,  to me—finding those few ‘you’re being a little ridiculous’ friends is priceless. They should be cherished when you find one of these.  For when the going gets tough (and rest assured–it will.)   They are most likely not going anywhere.


Today—I am thankful for my ‘you’re being ridiculous friends.’  Those that don’t just ‘nod’ and ‘yes’   (or worse yet–run from my ridiculousness..)   Both of which are the ‘easier’ route.

To you my few whom are in it for the long haul–to you,  I say:  ‘I’ve got your back too.’ And most certainly will let you know when you are being, well,

….a little ridiculous.








Ranson House Classic Bridal Session: Cassandra (Charlotte Timeless Wedding Photographer)

Cass may in fact win the ‘most laid back bride’ award–and that is saying a lot considering most of our brides are pretty darned ‘chill.’ :-)   We met just a few weeks before the big day at the charming Ranson House. –A classic, white Southern home with a wrap-porch, a rope swing in a giant oak and some of the prettiest backlight our eyes have seen.  (Cass and Brian come in next week for their viewing party. But in the meantime…check out her timeless bridal images.)


backlit bridal portrait at ranson house


If you could see what I see. (A photographer’s thoughts on what is really beautiful)

In the 4 years since ‘accidentally’ falling into photography again and leaving the corporate world behind- I have seen a lot.


I have been privy to some of the most intimate moments in the lives of others: warm, wedding tears flowing down freshly-made faces, anxious tugs to now-too-tight shirts to cover the few pounds lingering as you hold your new baby.   Awkward body language relaxing into genuine embrace when you ‘forget’ my camera is near..   Each experience uniquely beautiful.


Yet—Almost always,  each interaction begins with “I am just not photogenic” or “Can you Photoshop my hips/eyes/wrinkles/teeth (insert your own insecurities here.)



Dear YOU, (yes you.) I wish you could see what I see.


Where you see embarrassing, ‘ugly cry’—I see joy spilling behind blinking eyelids.

Where you see ‘baby pudge’—I see glowing skin and the beautiful connection between you and that 8 lbs 7 oz. staring up at you.

Where you see ‘wrinkles’ I see the way your nose forms the perfect ‘bunny’ as you roll your eyes, then break into laughter at your busband-to-be’s attempt at a joke.


I see:


The way your eyes light up when you speak about how you met your wife.


Your freckles that spill onto your cheeks like stars


Your brilliant smile, which also spans the faces of your sister, mother and grandmother too.



I so wish you could see what I see. (And sometimes you do when seeing your images for the first time and finally catching a glimpse of what the rest of us see and sheepishly proclaim “I look kind of hot.”)


However, I cannot wait for the day you sit in our hair and makeup lounge and instead of  apologizing for your ‘wide nose;’ you begin with ‘I have always love my curly red hair’ or ‘my curvy hips are my favorite part of my body.’


Until then.

I will do my best to remind you.



M o r e   i n f o